Dating Your Ex is written by a hands-on Relationships Coach with REAL LIFE SUCCESS helping men and women get their ex back.

I wanted to write to you to thank you. I broke up with my boyfriend of a year about 3 weeks ago. And I was devastated. A lot of my friends gave me advice about what to do (to forget him, use NC, etc.). I also read articles and bought a book that used manipulation and tricks to make your ex miss you and come running back. Through reading and searching the internet I came across your site. And after reading just one of your articles, I made the decision to buy your book, Dating your Ex, which I read twice :). I realized that I wanted my ex back but I wanted him back because he loved me not because of any tricks. And by using your effective contacting, and other methods, we started talking. And now we are back together! We are back because we love and care about each other. And we are going to do this right! A million thanks for you positivity and amazing advice!


  • Just wanted to thank you for being the voice of sanity in a sea of stupid, bad advice for repairing broken relationships. My breakup happened because he was afraid of feelings and commitment. Mainstream advice and all of my friends would have had me walking away from a perfectly wonderful person. Now we are back together, and I am very happy. Just wanted to say thanks.


  • I am not far into your book and it is already bringing me a great deal of peace. Your writing is clear and simple. From what I've read already I can tell that the techniques in the book will bring me happiness with or without efforts to see my ex, C, again. Thanks.

  • I won't bore you with a long, really complicated story. Suffice it to say that we were together, I'm very needy and he's very passive aggressive (talk about toxicity in spades) and it didn't work out.

    Break up was absolutely nasty and brutal and looong.

    We remained friendly. And one day I picked up your book and read it and read it. He and I were barely speaking at that point (from both ends). I followed a lot of it, and to my amazement, he started actually TELLING me what he wanted. Since then we've been talking more and more.

    Will we get back together? I have no idea. I don't know that I even want to. But we were always really good friends and it's lovely to no longer feel pressured and as though I must have done something wrong everytime things don't go exactly right. Thank you.

  • First of all, thank you so much! My ex is now my boyfriend again, and I truly believe it is because of the very blunt and truthful advice I read within hours of being broken up with. We became friends again, and over time we saw that we wanted to be together and missed one another very much. The best advice I had received was about being true to myself and really looking at the way I was acting and what my then ex had been thinking or what he wanted. I had never ever thought about my wants and needs vs my significant others wants and needs. Not only has my relationship improved with my now boyfriend, but I feel that I carried that advice into all relationships (work, family, friends etc.) You are an honest, and amazing person with such insight that helped me realize who I am. Thank you.

  • Yangki, I just wanted to say I love your eBook (and I love you). For 6mos. I tried to get my ex back with tactics and dirty games and only ended up making things worse. I bought your eBook, and the steps were so simple, yet I had missed them all this time. Last mo. my ex and I got back together. Iím so grateful to you in ways that youíll never know.

  • Yangki, I want to first of all say thank you. Three months ago, I found your blog and bought your ebook at a time when I had lost all hope because I didnít know where to start. I contacted my ex and slowly he started to respond to me even when he had said he didnít see us working out. Start of September he finally admitted that he still had strong feelings for me and was willing to give us another chance. Technically we are back together and I have you to thank for it.


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Starting Over. Starting Afresh.

Everyday I work with men and women who say they felt stuck, frustrated and confused, yet everyone else seemed to be  moving forward, making progress with their ex, or getting their ex back.


"I know he still has feelings for me, but I must not be doing something right."

"She said "lets take it slow, and see what happens", but that's like 4 months ago".


"I still love him very much, but he just wants to be friends."

They all want to know the answer to that most important question. How do I get back my ex?


When we donít know what to do, we stand still, paralyzed and powerless, OR we try a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and in the end just give up because we're not getting anywhere.


This is what my clients were doing. They started off on the wrong foot, their strategies for getting their ex back were completely unfocused, and they really had no idea what they were doing. They just knew that whatever they were doing wasn't working.


So what changed for my clients?


They listened and made a dramatic decision that forever changed the course of their lives. And it all started with one small step...

One Small Change in Approach Can
Change Everything!

If you're doing everything else except what will ACTUALLY get back your ex, you will not get back your ex. It's that simple.

Many people trying to get their ex back think through what they should say and what their best arguments are. They then devise a strategy and attempt to get their ex back by implementing that strategy. This approach seems quite reasonable. However, while this approach seems thorough, most people are genuinely surprised when nothing seems to work. Sometimes their ill-advised strategy even backfires.

Like in the case of a client who called me in tears. She had emailed one of those "no contact" script emails to her ex. He wrote back "I completely agree. This relationship is so toxic that any kind of contact now or ever will pull us back to what we both don't want. I'll work on myself as you continue to work on yourself. We will both attract better people as a result. I wish you all the best in life. Please do not ever contact me again. Thank you very much".

Ooops! That's not what she expected -- and definitely NOT what she wanted!

We all want to believe our ex is pinning over us and spending much of their time thinking of us. That would really be nice! But quite often that's not the case.

Scenario 1 -- You don't contact your ex and your ex doesn't contact you either. You both move on.

Scenario 2 -- You don't contact your ex and your ex contacts you. Nice! You respond, they respond... then suddenly... they stop contacting you. You contact them several times and... no response.

Scenario 3 -- You don't contact your ex for some time... and then you contact him/her and he/she responds... but only to tell you he/she has moved on (may be with someone else!), or your ex responds every now and then but it's like you are bothering him/her or something.

Like it or not, this is the reality of "No Contact". You take yourself out of the picture, you leave your ex no option but to learn to live without you. Over time your ex's life begins to change... he/she is meeting new friends... doing new things... going to new places...etc.

You come back after your "no contact"...  A LOT has happened and changed! You don't fit into his/her "new life", or someone else has taken your place.

Don't fall in the trap of focusing solely on YOU -- what you think, what you feel and what you want.

Understanding the Sub-Conscious Processes that Motivate Your Ex is Key

When it comes to getting back your ex, the "RIGHT" action is much more complex because it's not just about what you think or feel, it's also about what your ex thinks or feels.

When what you think or feel is not aligned with what your ex thinks or feels, nothing remotely resembling a real connection is possible. Any contact that takes place only makes things worse. Your ex may even decide he/she does not want any more contact with you.

Can you afford to have even that last line of connection completely cut off? I hope not!

To understand what will motivate your ex to want to come back, you need to keep the lines of communication open.

But trying to figure out what your ex is holding back is not easy. That's why you need a seasoned relationship coach like me to guide you.

I've worked with couples in struggling relationships, couples trying to get back together, men and women  who've been dumped because they acted needy and clingy, and men and women who dumped their ex because they felt smothered and suffocated. I know first hand the thought processes that influence how each side thinks about the other, and how they will react to certain words or actions.

Unlike other "get your ex" books that encourage you to avoid contact, I focus almost exclusively on getting your ex talking so you can learn more, listen more, figure out what is driving his/her thought process, and reap the benefits that come with that knowledge.

If your ex is talking to you, you can still change his/her mind.

What Influences Your Ex's
Decision Making?

In my experience, most exes are willing to give a relationship another chance once they see that you are sincere and truly committed to a better relationship!

As far as they are concerned, the old relationship ended for a reason. They don't want it back -- and frankly, neither should you.


But you can't just go to your ex and say, "I want us to have a better relationship" or "I want us to begin afresh."

Consider that for a moment. If you could not make the relationship better before, what makes you think your ex will believe you now?

See, you have a romantic history together. Your ex knows you, or at least thinks he or she knows the person he or she thinks you are. He/she is still looking at you and a future with you based on the past.

That's not right. You've had time to think about things you shouldn't have done but did, and things you should have done, but didn't. You've made some changes for the better, and you now realize more than ever how important your ex is to you, but your ex doesn't know all that.


And you've probably tried telling him/her that you have changed and as a result things will be different, and he/she doesn't believe you.


You need a better way to communicate that you have changed. A better way to show your ex that you are sincere in your efforts to be a better partner. A better way to show him/her that you're committed to a better relationship.


You Have To Be Clear.
You Have To Be Convincing.


The worst thing you can do when trying to get back your ex is allow fear to hold you back.

If you don't show your ex that you still have feelings for him/her and want him/her back, you are not going to get your ex back however much you wish for it, pray for it, and hope for it.

Only action gets results. You have to send the text or make the call you're afraid to make. You have to let your ex know how you feel. You have to show him/her that you really get it, and that you have changed your ways. You have to ACT like you want your ex back.

You may be thinking, "But I've trying to show my ex that I want him/her back. But I still don't have my ex back!"

Doing something isnít the same thing as doing the right thing.

Pouring out the contents of your heart to your ex won't change anything. Your ex already knows you love him/her, why else would you be trying to get him/her back?

And telling your ex over and over that you have changed is like flashing a "don't believe me" sign. To someone who is already oversensitive to you, suspicious of your motives and looking out for any signs of manipulation, this just makes him/her want to stay as far away from you as possible.

The more desperate and needy you are, the harder it is to figure out what the right course of action is, and to refrain from taking just any action.

Dating Your Ex takes away the anxiety of trying to figure out everything on your own, and the pain of getting it wrong.

You will have have a clear direction and you will be guided through the process. This makes it easier to take action without too much hand wringing and time spent over thinking things.

Start Right Where You Are

It doesn't matter that you've made many mistakes, what matters is that you are willing to do things differently, and do better.

Some of my favourite emails are from men and women who say they bought Dating Your Ex not sure that it'd work. They had bought many other "get your ex" books and they didn't work. But from the moment they started reading Dating Your Ex, they felt more hopeful. For some, they could for the very first time really see that possibility opening up.

When they started putting the advice into practice, it was no longer just a possibility. It was reality!
 What the book said would happen, was actually happening.

You might be asking yourself the same question, "How do I know that I'll get my ex back?"

It's actually a good question to ask. The truth is you donít know. No matter how smart we may be, we cannot predict the future! This is why I don't promise you "sure fire ways that'll get back your ex in 1 Week", or "secrets guaranteed to make your ex come back crawling and begging" etc. I trust you to know the difference between a sales pitch and genuine desire to be of help.

BUT while I can't predict with 100% accuracy whether or not you'll get back your ex, I know the sub-conscious thought processes that influence your ex's actions and the  specific steps that give you the best possible chance of getting your ex back.

In Dating Your Ex, I show you how to take incremental steps in the right direction each and every day. You will not only make more progress faster and with less effort, you will also feel better about the direction things are headed.


Just Winging It Is NOT An Option!


W. Edwards Deming said: "If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing


It is not enough to do your best; you must know what you are doing. Just sending a random text here, making a phone call there or, waking up one day and asking your ex out on a date, does more damage to your chances of getting your ex back.


Can you imagine jumping off the 20th Floor of a building based solely on a hunch? What are your chances of survival?

But if you had some kind of parachute or time-tested course of action that would guarantee you that you'd land safely on your two feet, wouldn't you feel confident taking that next step?


Dating Your Ex takes away the guesswork and puts control of the process into your hands.

When you use Dating Your Ex as your roadmap, youíre benefiting from all of my years of experience -- working one-on-one with clients, doing research and refining what works, how and when.

This makes a huge difference in terms of the confidence you will have in yourself and in what you are doing. You will not be just reacting to what your ex says or does, but choosing how to respond with more appropriate actions that bring you closer and closer to getting back your ex.

If there is anything your ex wants to see, it's that you know what needs to change for the relationship to be better, and you know how to make it happen.

This Is Your Opportunity To Do It
Right This Time!

Save yourself the regret of trial and error by simply using a time-tested course of action that has proven to work with consistent positive results.

I've met many men and women who gave up -- sometimes, too quickly -- because they were either too scared that they were setting themselves up for failure or did all the wrong things because they didn't know what else to do. Many of them are living with so much regret.

Don't turn your back on your relationship because you are afraid that you donít know what to do, what to expect or what will work.

Thousands of people are already applying these proven effective strategies and following these exact steps -- and they are seeing the feelings of love begin to come back as they they proceed in progressive stages of getting their ex back.

And now YOU can do the same!

And if my eBook is not everything I promised and more... if it's not what you've been searching for all this time, then simply contact us and we'll make refund according to our refund policy.

One RIGHT Step Can Change Everything!


Wait too long... your ex will think you've moved on. Hesitate... someone else will take your place. Don't give it your all... and you'll never know for sure.

First things first. If you haven't been in contact with your ex for a while, or have been trying to re-establish communication but not getting the response you want, the first step is to open the lines of communication. I'll show you how to do that in a way that your ex will not feel pressured and want to pull away or cut off all contact.

Once the lines of communication are opened, the next step is to manage texts, emails, phone calls and face-to-face meeting. In the book, I explain in detail what method of contact to use and when, how not to do too much or do too little, how to ask for a "date", how to handle that first face-to-face meeting, and subsequent dates etc.

But just managing contact is not enough. You have to be able to motivate your ex to want to respond, especially if he/she responds but does not initiate contact and/or seems emotionally disengaged.

I show you how not only to draw your ex in, but also how to re-ignite that feeling of being in love again. This is especially important if your ex says he/she still loves you but is not in love with you, says he/she wants to take things slowly, says he/she wants to be "just friends" or if there is someone else in your ex's life.

Throughout the process, I'll be literally holding your hand and leading you step by step. You will feel confident handling the "let's get back together" conversation and increase the chances of getting "Yes, I want you back", the very first time you ask your ex for another chance.

Even when you encounter the usual push-pull phase when it feels like you are back together as a couple, but then your ex pulls away, comes back and pulls away again, you will know exactly how to deal with it, and press forward until you get back your ex.

This is IT. You have no excuse ó no excuse not to commit yourself to getting back your ex.

You can't again say, "...BUT I don't know what to do!". Itís all at your fingertips.

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